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About Us


Cory’s illustrious brewing career started in Boulder way back in 1992 as a homebrewing college student. As an active member of the home brew club Hop Barley and the Alers, he learned from more seasoned brewers to appreciate a wide variety of beers, but especially lagers.  He spent so much time at What’s Brewin’ home brew shop they had no choice but to eventually give him a job.  He then spent 2 years brewing at Tommyknocker’s in Idaho Springs, before moving to Jackson, Wyoming to brew at Snake River Brewing.  Cory spent 17 years brewing and honing his craft at Snake River and it is there that he met his amazing wife and business partner Kelly.  

Cory and Kelly moved to Louisville, Kentucky after an opportunity arose to open their own brewery, Gravely Brewing Co., with extended family.  However, after spending a few years down South, they missed the vast open spaces and mountains of the West. They decided to make their way to Colorado, with baby Fritz in tow.  Together they opened Fritz Family Brewers, a truly small family owned and operated brewery.  We hope you enjoy our space and our beers, and if you see us around, make sure to say hello!

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